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Organizational Skills Training for Middle School Students

A 10-week group for students and their parents, Organizational Skills Training (OST) is an evidence-based intervention shown to be effective at significantly improving organizational skills in students with ADHD.


This new group is designed for students ages 11 – 14 who struggle with remembering homework, organizing materials, managing their time, and planning multi-step assignments. In this 10-week group, students will learn effective routines to improve their organizational, time management, and planning (OTMP) skills and increase their academic success. Parents will also participate in a portion of each session, working together with their student to establish behavioral contracts to promote regular practice so that these new routines become habits.

Beginning 2018, sessions will run once weekly for 90 minutes. Exact date and times to be announced based on interest.

Led by William Benson, Psy.D.

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