Sports Performance and Competition Anxiety

Sports and performance anxiety often go hand-in-hand. The ability to cope with pressure and anxiety is an integral part of sports, whether among children, collegians, amateur adults, or elite athletes. A certain level of physical arousal is helpful in preparing us to perform. But being unable to regulate your anxiety prior to or during an athletic event can negatively impact your performance as well as your quality of life. Similarly, a certain amount of worry about how you will perform can be helpful in competition, but severe cognitive symptoms of competition anxiety such as negative thought patterns and expectations of failure can bring about a self-fulfilling prophecy: they can adversely affect your performance, causing you to perform worse in the end. The good news is that sports performance and competition anxiety are highly treatable.

If there is a substantial difference between how you perform during practice and how you do during competitions, anxiety may be affecting your performance. At CBT/DBT Associates, we offer individualized programs grounded in CBT principles to help you overcome sports performance and competition-related anxiety and perform to the best of your abilities.

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