How Can I Start a Practice?

Meditation is one way to cultivate the skill of mindfulness, but it is not the only way.  Essentially, any part of your of your daily routine, from drinking coffee to riding the subway, when done with a different quality of awareness—nonjudgmental and undivided, becomes an opportunity for mindfulness practice. There are unlimited, non-time intensive ways to practice. For example, rather than eating your lunch while checking emails and/or voicemails, just eat. Bring your complete focus to your salad, sandwich, or piece of pizza as if you’ve never eaten anything like it before. Notice all the colors, bring your awareness to the sound of chewing, the flavors and the act of swallowing. Slow it down. It’s about the experience of eating rather than finishing the food.

Starting a mindfulness practice can seem daunting, so here are a few ways to start.

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The following meditations and exercises are drawn from the MSC program, and are presented in order of the particular MSC sessions in which they are taught. Some exercises are in […]
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