Koans of the Month


A favorite meditation tool of practice director, Dr. Lisa Napolitano, a Koan is a riddle or paradox used by Zen Buddhists during meditation to help them see truths about themselves and the world.

By focusing our awareness on the paradox the koan presents, we train our minds to abandon their ultimate dependence on reason  and create opportunities to experience intuitive understanding.

To integrate the Koan into your usual  meditation practice: breathe naturally and reflect on the phrase. Some people mentally repeat the Koan in time with their breathing like a mantra. Don't worry about "figuring it out," Koans don't have specific "answers" and don't pose any specific questions.

Koans can be many things: they're often insightful, sometimes witty or funny, and always illuminating. We hope you'll join us in the coming months as we publish some of our favorites and work to integrate them into our own practice.

This Month's Koan

What is the color of the wind?

"A koan is a little healing story, a conversation, an image, a fragment of a song. It’s something to keep you company, whatever you are doing. There’s a tradition of koan study to transform your heart and the way you move in the world." - LionsRoar.com