Community Nights Workshop (April 6, 2017): Helping a Child on the Autism Spectrum Transition from Home to Independence

I am Dr. Julie DiMatteo, a post-doctoral fellow at CBT/DBT Associates, and I’m excited to announce the third workshop in our new Community Nights Workshop series. Community Nights are free, open to the public and designed to offer resources, support, and psycho-education on a variety of topics that are relevant to New York metro area families. Our staff-led workshops address common challenges related to school, child development, stress management, parenting, family and peer relationships, and life transitions. As the specific strategies, behaviorally-based interventions, and psychological framework presented in each workshop may not be widely accessible to those who need them, we are pleased to be able to offer these resources free of charge to our community.

Our upcoming workshop on Thursday, April 6, is Helping a Child on the Autism Spectrum Transition from Home to Independence. The transition from high school to college is a critical period of psychological development in late adolescence. During this time, teens begin to establish independent lifestyles and adjust to the academic demands of college. For teens on the Autism Spectrum, this transition can present a unique set of challenges and opportunities for growth. This workshop will address concerns parents have about social, academic, and work adjustment as their teen transitions to independence. We will address common patterns that arise in and after high school in order to help you prepare your adolescent and family for this transition. As it is never too early to start preparing, families of middle school children are also welcome.

More information about upcoming Community Nights Workshops can be found here. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or our Director, Dr. Lisa Napolitano, at 212-546-9200. To register, simply fill out this form or call us. We hope to see you at our next Workshop!

– Dr. Julie DiMatteo

Published March 31, 2017.