Community Nights Workshop: Finding Focus


I’m Dr. Kristen Roman, a staff psychologist and Director of the Young Adult Program at CBT/DBT Associates. I’m excited to announce Finding Focus, the sixth workshop in our ongoing Community Nights Workshop series, which is free to the public.

Finding Focus will offer resources and teach practical skills for those looking to reach their goals more effectively. As a clinical psychologist who specializes in working with college students, recent graduates, and those transitioning to the working world, I know how challenging it can be to feel in control of your work-flow. Managing time, staying organized, and maintaining concentration are crucial components of a productive lifestyle, but they don’t just happen overnight. This workshop is designed to help you build mastery of these skills as you define your goals and work to achieve them.  You will learn to deal with distractions, reduce procrastination, and ultimately, find your focus.

Community Nights are free, open to the public and designed to offer resources and education on a variety of topics that are relevant to New York area individuals and families. Our staff-led workshops address common challenges related to school, development, stress management, relationships, and life transitions. Because the specific strategies and behaviorally-based interventions presented in each workshop may not be widely accessible to those who need them, we are pleased to be able to offer these resources free of charge to our community.

Learn more about Community Nights and register for any upcoming workshop here.

- Dr. Kristen Roman

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