Community Nights

Answering Your Therapy Questions in Your Neighborhood

CBT/DBT Associates proudly introduces a FREE educational workshop that we're bringing directly to you. Beginning this fall, offices, schools, libraries, and other community spaces can host any number of engaging and informative workshops run by our expert staff of licensed clinical psychologists. At each 1 hour workshop, participants will receive resources specific to the topic, have the opportunity to ask questions, and can engage with other interested members of the community.

Please see below a listing of some of our upcoming offerings, but don't hestiate to contact us with specific requests based on your site's needs:

Adult Programs


How to Choose a Therapist

Whatever your reason for seeking therapy, this workshop is designed to help you determine which treatment options are right for you. This program is also available as a parenting & family workshop.

College students working together in class.

Finding Focus

Managing time and staying organized are crucial components of an active and productive lifestyle. This workshop is designed to build these skills in order to help you meet your goals.


Overcoming Insomnia

Insomnia is the most prominent sleep disorder, affecting as much as one third of adults. In this workshop, we'll teach you about the causes of insomnia and introduce you to a range of strategies for finding sleep.

Parent & Family Programs


Overcoming Adolescent Anxiety: Seeking Help for Your Child

In this workshop, parents will gain a better understanding of their child's anxiety and how bst to respond to their child's emotions and behaviors in the moment.

Parenting to Promote Cyber Safety

What are the real and perceived threats to our children's safety online? This workshop will address the many concerns caregivers have about children spendingincreasingly more time online, using devices, and sharing on social media.