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Community Nights

A Free Monthly Educational Series for the New York Metro Area

CBT/DBT Associates proudly introduces a new workshop series that is open to the public and free of charge. On the first Thursday of every month, staff psychologists and local experts present on a variety of topics which address the interests and needs of our community. At each workshop presentation, participants have the opportunity to ask questions, meet our staff, and discuss that month’s topic with other interested members of the wider New York metro community.

  • Each presentation is from 7:00 – 8:00 PM.
  • Admission is free but space is limited! Register here. 
  • All workshops are open to the public. Treatment at CBT/DBT Associates is not a prerequisite for attendance.
  • For more information about Community Nights, please call (212) 546-9200.
  • Colleagues, educators, and other interested professionals should feel free to distribute information about Community Nights to their clients, students, and local community.
  • Read more about Community Nights on our blog.

Upcoming 2018 Community Night Topics:


CBT for Insomnia (CBT-I), an Introduction (May 24th & June 7th) *Registration Required*

*Participants at either session will have the opportunity to schedule a reduced fee CBT-I Intake if they are interested in the program.

Insomnia is the most prevalent sleep disorder, affecting as much as one-third of adults. At this Community Night, we’ll teach you about the causes of insomnia, introduce you to a range of  strategies for finding sleep, and explain why and how CBT-I treatments work. This workshop will serve as a great introduction for clients who are considering ourCBT-I group and would like to learn more!

Led by Tory Tomassetti, Ph.D.


Unstuck: An OCD Kids Movie; Screening and Discussion (August 2nd): 

Created by Kelly Anderson and Chris Baier, UNSTUCK is a documentary dedicated to uncovering more about this disorder through the perspectives of six children with OCD, following their unique journeys in dealing with the complexities of their diagnoses. By reframing what we know about OCD, Anderson and Baier hope to spread awareness and encourage other families that it is indeed possible to successfully confront this psychiatric disability.

Led by William Benson, Psy.D.



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Previous Community Night Topics:

Community Nights, 2018

Parenting to Promote Cyber Safety (May 3rd, 2018): What are the real and perceived threats to our children’s safety online? This workshop will address the many concerns parents, teachers, caregivers, and community members have about children and teens spending increasingly more time online, using devices, and sharing on social media. Participants will learn how and when to set boundaries, what safety issues to look for, and how to address potential problems related to the use of new and ever-changing technologies.

Intro to Organizational Skills Training (February 1st, 2018): Organizational Skills Training (OST) is an evidence-based intervention shown to be effective at significantly improving organizational skills in students with ADHD. Parents will learn how to work together with their student to establish behavioral contracts to promote regular practice so that these new routines become habits.

Overcoming Adolescent Anxiety: Seeking Help for Your Child (March 1st, 2018): In this workshop, parents will gain a better understanding of their child’s anxiety and how best to respond to their child’s emotions and behaviors in the moment. Participants will learn skills to better manage anxiety, make new friends, and feel more comfortable talking to peers and engaging in activities of interest.

Finding Focus (April 4th, 2018): Managing time, staying organized, and maintaining concentration are crucial components of an active and productive lifestyle. This workshop is designed for anyone looking to build these skills in order to help them achieve academic or work-related goals. Participants will learn simple and attainable strategies to deal with distractions, set manageable goals, reduce procrastination, and ultimately find their focus.