Finding Focus for the Fall Semester in the New Normal

By Kristen Roman, Psy.D. Thursday September 2nd 11:15AM-12:15PM

Academic success depends on a variety of skills that are not directly taught in the classroom. Time management, organization, concentration, attention, and memory are all crucial to students’ success. For many, these skills have only become more challenging in the face of remote and hybrid learning during the pandemic. This free webinar is for college students and young adults who want to develop these skills to help them achieve their academic and work-related goals. Participants will learn tips to deal with distractions, set manageable goals and prioritize among them, reduce procrastination, and manage time. In addition, this webinar will introduce learning strategies and study tips to improve recall and retention. While this workshop addresses challenges that are frequently found in an academic setting, young adults may also find these strategies helpful for boosting achievement in the workplace.

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