Talking about race can feel taboo in our society. However, children rely on the important adults in their lives to help them develop their racial identity and understand how their race influences their experiences and the experiences of those around them. Given current events, including the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement, it is important for adults to openly talk to their children about race and racism in order to help children understand their thoughts and feelings about these complex and, at times, difficult topics. Participants will learn how best to talk to kids about race and racism depending on their age, how to answer difficult questions, and create an open environment that allows for ongoing discussion and growth. This 60-minute webinar, with Dr. Alison Bellevue and Dr. Stacie Shivers, will also include time for Q&A, so please come with some related questions.

This webinar is geared towards any adult who is influential in a child’s life such as a parent, relative, teacher, coach, etc. and will provide information relevant for children of ALL ages: toddler to late teens.

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