Machine Learning Identifies New Brain Network Signature of Major Depression

“Using machine learning, researchers have identified novel, distinct patterns of coordinated activity between different parts of the brain in people with major depressive disorder—even when different protocols are used to…
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How to Keep the Pandemic from Stealing your Holiday Cheer

“There’s so much to celebrate during the month of December. Multicultural celebrations of Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa incorporate timeless rituals passed down for generations. The winter solstice marks the shortest…
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body image

Highly-visual social media and internalizing symptoms in adolescence: The mediating role of body image concerns

Abstract “Highly-visual social media (HVSM), such as Instagram and Snapchat, have experienced a significant increase in popularity among adolescents in recent years. Findings indicate use of social media is related to body image…
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extracurricular activities

Teens who spend more time in extracurricular activities and less time in front of screens have better mental health, study finds

“If you’re worried about your kids’ mental health, particularly because of the Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing mandates, less screen time and more extracurricular activities will help, says a new study. Adolescents —…
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CBT Corrects Brain Abnormality in Patients with OCD

“Researchers have discovered a brain abnormality in people with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) that may help predict which patients are most likely to respond to treatment with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT),…
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Coping with Online Burnout

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, online communication increased considerably, causing an increase in burnout. Apps, such as Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, and Cisco Webex were key in keeping the educational, economic, and…
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seasonal affective disorder

How to guard against seasonal affective disorder in the pandemic’s winter months

“With winter on the horizon, it’s getting darker earlier each day, and temperatures are slipping. Seasonal affective disorder could hit particularly hard this year, especially after months of social distancing…
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helicopter parenting

Study Shows How Perfection And Anxiety Can Lead To Helicopter Parenting

“The negative effects of helicopter-parenting on children are well documented. Research shows it can lead to psychological distress, narcissism, poor adjustment, alcohol and drug use and a host of other…
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4 Podcasts about Mental Health to Help Heal Your Mind

“In trying times, sorting through your thoughts and emotions can be hard. If you are looking for help, there is no substitute for professional treatment and medical intervention. A self-care…
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Remote Learning’s Distractions Put Extra Pressure On Students With ADHD

“COVID-19 forced Keriann Wilmot’s son to trade his classroom for a computer. It was a tough transition for a 10-year-old with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. “It was a…
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college students

Pandemic Hurts College Students’ Mental Health

“Sixty percent of college students say the pandemic has made it harder to access mental health care, even as financial stresses and prevalence of depression increased among them, according to a new…
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Helping Kids Get Used to Masks

In many places, people are wearing masks or cloth face coverings when they’re in public because of coronavirus (COVID-19). It’s an important way to help slow the spread of the virus. At first,…
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eating disorders

Peculiarities of the pandemic are trigger points for eating disorders

“A Western Sydney University mental health expert, Professor Phillipa Hay, has shed light on the ongoing, traumatic effects of COVID-19 for people living with eating disorders. Professor Phillipa Hay is…
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online school

Kids’ mental health can struggle during online school. Here’s how teachers are planning ahead.

“When her South Carolina high school went online this spring, Maya Green struggled through the same emotions as many of her fellow seniors: She missed her friends. Her online school assignments…
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substance use disorder

COVID-19 and the Opioid Crisis: When a pandemic and an epidemic collide

“More than 20 million people in the United States have a substance use disorder. Now, COVID-19 has left many locked down, laid off, and flooded with uncertainty. So far, experts…
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Chris Cuomo Stresses the Importance of Taking Mental Health and Depression Seriously Amid Coronavirus Crisis

“While Chris Cuomo may have finally recovered from his lengthy battle with the coronavirus, the CNN newsman is still dedicated to addressing what he feels is the less talked-about aspects of the pandemic — specifically,…
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What Happens When Kids Don’t See Their Peers for Months?

“Socializing is a crucial part of kids growing up. The pandemic brought it to a halt. Had the spring of 2020 gone as planned, a day in the life of…
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Do we all have OCD now? Coronavirus fears blur the line between obsessive-compulsive and safety amid the pandemic

“One of the hallmarks of obsessive-compulsive disorder is contamination fears and excessive hand washing. Years ago, a patient with severe OCD came to my office wearing gloves and a mask and refused…
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The Pandemic Makes it Clear: It’s time to finally address the mental health crisis in America

“Never has there been a time in our history when people talked as openly about anxiety, depression, or feelings of hopelessness as they are during the pandemic. Crisis lines are…
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workplace mental health

Being an Agent of Change for Workplace Mental Health

“In the past few months, and for the foreseeable future, employers have been or will begin soon to strategize ways to support employee mental health as workforces around the world…
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Virtual CBT

Virtual CBT Non-Inferior to In-Person CBT for Health Anxiety

“Cognitive behavioral therapy delivered online, or virtual CBT, appeared non-inferior to CBT delivered in person for health anxiety, according to results of a randomized non-inferiority clinical trial published in JAMA Psychiatry.…
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Coronavirus Negatively Impacting Sleep Habits, New Study Reveals

“In addition to a public health crisis and economic downturn, the novel coronavirus is also having a negative impact on our sleep. Millions of people are struggling with anxiety and fear, among…
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Parenting During a Pandemic

“Parents: It’s okay. It’s okay if this pandemic is throwing off your parenting style. Crises tend to do that. Mary Katharine Ham, a writer and CNN commentator, knows firsthand: She lost her…
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Is My Chest Tightness Anxiety or the Coronavirus?

Like much of the world, I’ve spent the last few weeks in an anxious haze, walking aimlessly between my apartment’s three rooms because there’s nowhere else to go. I’m taking Emergen-C and checking my…
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Eating Disorders are About Emotional Pain- Not Food

Ten Sessions In her documentary “Miss Americana,” music icon Taylor Swift disclosed her history of eating disorders. Her revelation underscores the fact these disorders do not discriminate. According to the advocacy…
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Snapchat’s New Mental Health Tool Will Offer Helpful Intervention

Ten Sessions Snapchat is launching a search tool called Here For You that will surface “safety resources” from mental health experts when users search for sensitive topics like anxiety, depression,…
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Implicit Association Testing May Predict Future Suicide Attempts

Ten Sessions A recent study conducted by Tello et al. (2019) found that Suicide Implicit Association Testing predicted future suicide attempts among participants with 85% acccuracy. “Suicide is difficult to…
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Irish School Ditches Homework For One Month, Assigns ‘Acts of Kindness’ Instead

Ten Sessions To help their students learn more about compassion, Gaelscoil Mhíchíl Uí Choileáin, an elementary school in Clonakilty Ireland, has decided to ditch all homework for one month and assign their kids…
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Lady Gaga on How Dialectical Behavior Therapy Has Helped Her with Her Mental Health Struggles

Ten Sessions Lady Gaga recently revealed Dialectical Behavior Therapy has helped her with her mental health struggles. Gaga explains that DBT is based on radical acceptance and change. DBT allows…
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The Decade That Changed The Way We Think About Mental Health

Ten Sessions Lindsay Holmes examines the most prominent mental health events that went down in the last 10 years and what else needs to be done to erase stigma. There’s…
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Lady Gaga opens up about mental health struggles

Ten Sessions Lady Gaga talks about her experiences with mental health struggles and self-harm in an interview for Elle Magazine. I actually have a teacher; I take dialectical behavioral therapy.…
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Executive Coaching or Therapy?

Ten Sessions When executive coaching becomes a work around for practicing therapy without a license and helping clients avoid the perceived stigma of treatment. In the middle of a family…
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5 Young Celebrities Who Have Opened Up About Their Mental Health in 2019

Ten Sessions In this article by, you can find 5 young celebrities who have talked openly about their mental health this year. It’s no secret that the younger generation is more…
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Ten Sessions

Ten Sessions In this podcast, learn how a short-term cognitive therapy can help you overcome trauma. What if someone told you about a type of therapy that could help you…
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Anxiety Looks Different in Men

Anxiety Looks Different in Men For many men, anxiety goes unrecognized and untreated because it is expressed as anger, excessive drinking and muscle aches rather than nervousness and worry. When…
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Kids’ Anxiety Can Spike During The Summer

Kids’ Anxiety Can Spike During The Summer Kids’ anxiety can spike during the summer. Here’s why, and what parents can do to help. With the end of the school year…
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