Finding Focus: Overcoming Procrastination and Reaching Your Goals

- Kristen Roman, Psy.D.

Procrastination is a fairly universal experience, even among some of the most successful people I know. Whether demands placed on us by others or tasks in line with our personal objectives, we all have things that we want to avoid doing at times.

However, some people seem to resign themselves to procrastination (i.e. “that’s just how I am”), and adjust their routines to accommodate these tendencies. Others may find that these habits are reinforced by the culture within their college setting or work environment. No matter the reason, over time procrastination can lead to increased stress, performing under our abilities, and interpersonal consequences.

Prior to CBT/DBT Associates, I worked in several university counseling centers where I began to realize just how common these focusing and organizational difficulties can be. Often I saw students who seemed to be at a loss for how to organize their time, especially given the unstructured, irregular nature of a college schedule. Some were used to doing very well in high school and felt lost as responsibilities increased and external supports decreased. Ultimately, for many students, procrastination thwarted them from working towards their goals or achieving the grades that were within their potential.

Since then, I’ve found it very satisfying to help clients develop new skill sets for time management, focusing attention, and goal setting, and to see the impact of these new skills in their lives. Please join me at our next free Community Night, “Finding Focus,” on Wednesday, April 4th where I look forward to sharing some of the strategies that have helped me and my clients. Rather than resigning yourself to the procrastination cycle, I believe that there are strategies for getting unstuck, finding focus, and working towards the things that are important to you. You only need the proper tools.

I hope to see you next Wednesday,


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