Parenting in a Pandemic is a 4-week support and skills group, starting Tuesday, July 14th and ending August 4th, and will be led by Dr. Alison Bellevue, Director of Child, Adolescent, and Family Services at CBT/DBT Associates.

Being a parent is a multifaceted job and is challenging even when we are not in the middle of a pandemic. This group will provide parents with the opportunity to connect with each other, while learning skills to manage common challenges related to our ever-changing social distancing reality. The group will be tailored to address the unique concerns of group members and will also address common difficulties specific to this time, such as:

  • Talking to your children about COVID-19
  • Managing your emotional experience and your child’s
  • Challenges with co-parenting
  • Knowing what is a typical reaction and when to be concerned
  • Coping with the disappointment of changed summer plans
  • Navigating increased social contact & more!

For parents with children of ALL ages: Tuesdays, 8:30-9:30 PM

This is a donation-based group. Participants are asked to make donations to either the AAKoma Project or The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation. These two non-profit organizations are dedicated to ending the stigma around mental health issues and facilitating access to mental health care for members of the Black community.

Group Topics:

Session one: 7/14

Managing your own emotional experiences so you are better able to manage your child’s emotions

Session two: 7/21

Behavior management strategies: Tips for effectively increasing desired behaviors and decreasing undesired behaviors; implementing these strategies as a single parent and with a partner

Session three: 7/28

Identifying and coping with increased stress/worry/anxiety for both you and your child

Session four: 8/04

Creating structure during this unstructured time; finding creative ways to balance alone time, socializing, fun, and academic progress

For more information and to register, please fill out this form or call us at 646-679-6715.