Publications by Megan E. Renna, M.A.

Megan Renna is a psychology extern at CBT/DBT Associates

Select Publications

Renna, M.E., Quintero, J.M., Mennin, D.S., Fresco, D.M. (in review). Emotion regulation therapy: A mechanism-based treatment for disorders of distress. Frontiers in Psychology.

Renna, M.E., Quintero, J.M., Soffer, A., Pino, M., Ader, L., Mennin, D.S., Fresco, D.M. (in review). Emotion Regulation Therapy for generalized anxiety and depression in a diverse sample of young adults.

O’Toole, M.S., Zachariae, R., Renna, M.E., Mennin, D.S., & Applebaum, A. (2016). Cognitive behavioral therapy for informal caregivers of cancer patients: A meta-analysis. Psycho-oncology.