Ilana Luft, Ph.D. | Director of Child, Adolescent, and Family Services

Staff PsychologistIlana Luft earned her M.A. and doctorate in clinical psychology from University at Albany, State University of New York. She received a B.A. from Swarthmore College in psychology and education. Dr. Luft completed a two-year postdoctoral fellowship in Child and Adolescent Psychology at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Cornell University, as well as a pre-doctoral internship at Kennedy Krieger Institute/Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Dr. Luft has obtained extensive training in cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, behavior management interventions, family therapy, and group therapy. While at Kennedy Krieger Institute, Dr. Luft received specialized training in pediatric psychology interventions for children experiencing difficulties associated with chronic medical conditions or medical procedures, including needle desensitization, pain management, pill swallowing, procedural anxiety, and adherence to medical regimens.

Dr. Luft has conducted and presented research on the role of parenting practices and family stability in child adjustment. Additionally, she is an invited lecturer on evidence-based treatments for children and adolescents, and research methods for the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship at St. Luke’s & Roosevelt Hospital. Dr. Luft is a Junior Board Member of the New York Center for Child Development.

Dr. Luft provides individual CBT to children, adolescents, and adults, as well as DBT to adolescents and adults. Her clinical expertise encompasses a wide range of problems, including mood and anxiety disorders in children, adolescents, and adults, child and parental adjustment to divorce, child and adolescent behavior management problems, pediatric psychology, social skills, and parenting. Dr. Luft is the Director of the Child, Adolescent, and Family Services program, and Co-Director of the Sports and Performance-Related Anxiety program.

Training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Five-Day Foundational DBT Training Course

Adam Payne, Ph.D. and Shireen Rizvi, Ph.D.

Behavioral Tech, LLC

New York, NY; October 22-26, 2012

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