Sasha Mann, B.A.

Marketing Assistant

Sasha Mann graduated from Smith College with a B.A. in comparative literature. She went on to work in digital media at the Hammer Museum of UCLA and at PEN Center USA, an international advocacy organization for writers.  Sasha has been a clinical research assistant at CARES, an outpatient mental health program for adolescents at Mount Sinai-St. Luke’s Hospital, where she provided DBT-based group and milieu therapy for school-avoidant adolescents with severe trauma and emotional disturbance. She has authored two posters on clinical treatment outcomes for CARES patients. Additionally, Sasha has worked as an education psychology research assistant under Dr. Joshua Aronson at New York University, where she helped design a study on a mindfulness meditation intervention for at-risk urban youth. Sasha will soon begin doctoral studies in clinical psychology.