When your world is shrinking: How to overcome your phobia and get out there!


Tory Tomassetti, Ph.D.

Driving over a bridge. Joining the rooftop party. Having your blood drawn.

Socializing If you avoid any of these situations or suffer through them with extreme discomfort, you might have a specific phobia.  Many people develop fears of situations (e.g., being in a small space), objects (e.g., needles, dogs), or experiences (e.g., flying) that cause some impairment or discomfort in their daily life. When this fear becomes significant--so much so that one begins to avoid these things altogether or require medication to cope--behavioral therapy may offer a more effective, long-term solution.

Working with a behavioral clinician, you can find significant relief from your fear of flying, heights, needles, animals, blood, and more. At CBT/DBT Associates, we provide a range of options for specific phobia treatment, each designed to best fit your schedule and meet your needs. Now, in addition to offering treatment over a series of weekly sessions, I’m proud to offer a single day intensive format of approximately four to six hours to help you overcome your phobia as quickly as possible

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Dr. Tomassetti has worked with men and women of all ages and backgrounds to successfully cure fears of flying, heights, elevators, blood, injections, animals, and more.

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