Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy for Young Adults

Young Adulthood: The age of exploration and instability

Young adulthood (extending from late teens to mid-20’s) is a time of constant change and exploration across all domains of life. We offer Young Adult Services specifically tailored for these concerns. Common struggles for young adults include development of identity, values, and long-term goals, constant transitions into college and/or the work force, challenges in romantic relationships and peer groups, and independence vs. dependence.

Certain skills are needed in order to manage the demands and transitions that come with this stage of life, but not all young adults are equipped. Underdevelopment of these skills may result in both emotional and behavioral difficulties:

• Depression, anxiety, mood swings

• Impulsivity, risk-taking behaviors

• Self-injurious behaviors, suicidality, eating disordered behaviors

• Academic or occupational problems, instability in peer or romantic relationships

We offer both comprehensive dialectical behavioral therapy and individual cognitive behavioral therapy to address these difficulties.

Young Adult DBT

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for young adults includes weekly individual therapy sessions, DBT Skills Training Group on Tuesdays from 5:00 - 6:30 PM, and phone coaching. Our Young Adult DBT Group incorporates the five DBT skills training modules and is tailored for recently graduated high school seniors and college students (ages 18-22).

Young Adult DBT Summer Intensive

Beginning Monday, June 15th, our accelerated, twice-weekly DBT Summer Intensive Workshop for Young Adults will cover the five DBT skill training modules: mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness, and walking the middle path over the course of 8.5 weeks compared to our standard 20-week timeline for DBT. This workshop is tailored for anyone going into college, currently in college, or just graduated (ages 17-22) in New York for the summer.

Young Adult CBT

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for young adults is a weekly, time-limited, empirically supported individual treatment to specifically address one or more problems that young adults commonly have during this challenging stage of life. CBT focuses on the patterns of thinking, behavior, and emotional responding that are associated with distress or life dissatisfaction during this transitional period. In our CBT program, young adults learn techniques to recognize and change problematic patterns to improve daily functioning and life satisfaction. Our goal is to sufficiently equip young adults so that they can use these learned skills outside of therapy on their own.

Young Adult Parent Coaching

Negotiating the demands and transitions that come with young adulthood is extremely challenging for parents, particularly when young adults experience emotional or behavioral difficulties. Young adult parent coaching offers parents the opportunity to learn skills and strategies to more effectively respond to and shape the behavior of their children. Parents will learn skills to help them more effectively interact with their young adults in order to:

• Improve the quality of relationships

• Enhance communication

• Increase desirable behaviors/decrease undesirable behaviors

• Effectively problem-solve and negotiate

Parents can meet for a one-time consultation, a few sessions, or weekly consultations. Our parent coaching is uniquely tailored to the needs of each parent and can be done with more than one parent.

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