Reversing Habits: How to Reduce Hair Pulling, Skin Picking, Nail Biting, and Related Behaviors

Thursday, July 30TH, 12:00 PM EST

Do you spend too much time pulling out hairs from your head or body? Do you pick at your skin till it bleeds or creates scarring? Maybe you just can’t stop biting your nails. Whether you’ve struggled with a habit like this for years or have found that such behaviors have increased since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, this free webinar, with Dr. William Benson, will help you understand these behaviors (hair pulling, skin picking, and nail biting) and why they happen, give you strategies for reducing these habits and improving your well-being and appearance, and understanding what treatments are available and when they are recommended.

This webinar is appropriate for adults and adolescents 16 years and older, as well as for parents whose younger adolescents or children engage in these types of habits.

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