Being an Agent of Change for Workplace Mental Health

workplace mental health

“In the past few months, and for the foreseeable future, employers have been or will begin soon to strategize ways to support employee mental health as workforces around the world continue to adjust to new work environments, the persistent risk of Covid-19, and an uncertain future. It takes a collective effort and bold leadership to drive lasting change in an organization, but the power of individual voices as well should not be underestimated. This is especially true when it comes to workplace mental health, since lived experiences and personal stories can resonate deeply and inspire many. The pandemic has impacted virtually everyone in different and difficult ways, but it has also created a common, relatable experience for most employees and their managers. Regardless of any prior mental health issues, everyone is navigating a new normal and dealing with the ways in which their own lives are changing in reaction to a global crisis. Whether an organization has a fully developed workplace mental health program or is just beginning to explore the path ahead, an individual employee can have significant impact in starting conversations and shifting workplace culture.

One way to break down an organization’s workplace mental health journey is to consider four key areas: leadership, access to services, awareness, and culture. Influencing leadership often requires a relatively high-ranking position in an organization; especially in large companies, communicating with executive leaders isn’t always easy. Additionally, improving access to services often takes a team of healthcare and benefits experts. However, any individual interested in being a “change agent” can focus their efforts in the categories of awareness and culture. Below are some helpful strategies and resources that can amplify your voice and drive change…”

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