5 Young Celebrities Who Have Opened Up About Their Mental Health in 2019

In this article by Vogue.com, you can find 5 young celebrities who have talked openly about their mental health this year.

It’s no secret that the younger generation is more forthcoming about mental health. A 2015 study conducted by American University found that millennials are more likely to talk about mental health, as well as be accepting of others who struggle with it, compared to their parents or grandparents. Accordingly, some of the leading talents in pop culture are exemplifying this in the spotlight.

Anxiety Looks Different in Men

For many men, anxiety goes unrecognized and untreated because it is expressed as anger, excessive drinking and muscle aches rather than nervousness and worry.

When a man explodes in anger over something seemingly insignificant, he may appear like just a jerk. But he could be anxious.

Anxiety problems can look different in men. When people think of anxiety, they may picture the excessive worry and avoidance of frightening situations that often plague those who suffer. These afflict men, too. But…

The LIKE Movie Screening

On Monday, August 5th, CBT/DBT Associates hosted a pre-release screening of a new documentary called Like, a film about the positive and negative impacts of social media on our lives. The Like movie had a particular focus on adolescents, interviewing teens and their parents about social media use. As an audience, we were fascinated with the film, which made for an engaging and productive discussion afterwards.

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