The LIKE Movie Screening

On Monday, August 5th, CBT/DBT Associates hosted a pre-release screening of a new documentary called Like, a film about the positive and negative impacts of social media on our lives. The Like movie had a particular focus on adolescents, interviewing teens and their parents about social media use. As an audience, we were fascinated with the film, which made for an engaging and productive discussion afterwards.

Living with OCD

As I sit on the train, I am counting to six in my head. I am also slightly panicking that I just wrote that down for the first time because no one knows that six is my lucky, unlucky obsessive compulsive number. I try to do everything in sixes. To name a few, I get into bed on a six, I take six steps before I sit down and I will only close a book every sixth page. This may sound crazy to some people, but to me if I don’t do everything on a six I am risking my family’s health…

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