What is Cognitive Therapy?

Maybe a friend’s recommended it or you’ve read about it in the New York Times. What is cognitive therapy any way and what’s all the hype about?

Cognitive Therapy was created by University of Pennsylvania psychiatrist Aaron Beck in the 1960s. At the time it was created, cognitive therapy marked a radical departure from the dominant therapy, namely psychoanalysis. Interestingly, Dr. Beck was in fact trained in psychoanalysis and developed cognitive therapy in the course of testing the psychoanalytic theory of depression—anger turned against the self. While interviewing depressed patients Dr. Beck observed distinctive thinking styles and thought patterns rather than self-directed anger…

How old is old enough for therapy?

I’ve often been asked what age are the youngest children I work with. The common reaction when I say that I regularly see children as young as 3 is “3? What do you do for a kid that young?” I think the idea here is a that a 3-year-old does not even understand what therapy is and would not really be able to gain the kind of deep insight into their behaviors that people associate with therapy. However, children of any age can have disruptive behavior, anger, anxiety, and even, in rare cases, depression. ..

Introducing Organizational Skills Training: Targeted Individual Sessions and a Middle School Group

When I tell people I am an expert in organizational skills, I have a tendency to want to hide my desk from view. In reality, I am not the most organized person. Not everything in my office is color-coded or indexed. The truth is that for most people, having consistent organizational methods is not necessary all of the time. As long as you are able to get your work done efficiently and effectively, it is okay to have a messy desk. In fact, some research has shown that being in a somewhat cluttered environment can increase creativity…

Powerball as an Opportunity

In the wake of last week’s Powerball drawing, you’ve undoubtedly read or heard about the potential psychological hazards of Powerball. It preys on our delusional belief that the practically impossible from a statistical viewpoint could be possible for us. Then, we’re left reeling with the crushing disappointment of not winning or (more likely) the embarrassment at having played. I would like to suggest a different point of view: the Powerball is an opportunity. It’s a catalyst to begin acting more in keeping with your values and priorities NOW…

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